You’ve decided to go it alone, and whether you will eventually build a team and be the head of an award-winning agency, or if your priority is to build a life of freedom and independence, we can hopefully help.

Our community at ICE has been through the pain of getting started and breaking free, and almost every path has been well-trodden.  Having the support, advice, and collective brain-power of the members’ group, will hopefully save you making the mistakes that everyone makes.

Freelancers are an incredibly important part of the community, providing the expertise, resource as other ICE members grow, and collaborating with other freelancers to achieve more together.

Get started in the shared space, or by coming in one day per week to develop your idea and offering.  We are even open on weekends,* so you don’t have to quit the day job if you don’t need to.

* Saturdays only, 9am to 5pm – excludes weekends that coincide with a bank holiday Monday.