Empty room 1You’ve already started your journey but now it’s time to join a community and create your legacy.  ICE isn’t just for companies at step one, we have welcomed companies from all over the world into the community, from eight minutes to eight years old.

The key difference here at ICE is that we can help you scale up and back down if needed, based on live projects and the size of your team, all without you having to notify your clients and the wider world of a new address, or telephone number. Our membership is fully inclusive, so you receive a single bill for all of your office costs, no dealing with utility companies, broadband suppliers, or finding change for parking every day, and our funding offer can help support these costs if you are eligible and your application is approved. The only additional cost to be mindful of is business rates, but even these can be supported by the small business rate relief scheme.

If you feel uninspired in your current space, want the flexibility to grow, or want to offer a better culture for your team, get in touch and we can let you know about available office space.