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At our Welsh ICE Awards a few weeks ago, Dan Fitzgerald, founder and director of RecRock beat out some stiff competition (in the form of our resident Wizard, Huw and Captain of Innovation, Gareth) to claim the dubious honour of having the messiest desk at ICE. We asked Dan to tell us about winning this prestigious award and what’s coming up for RecRock.

Dan Fitzgerald

RecRock runs music workshops in the community. This can range from forming rock bands, choirs, ukuleles, making music videos and full albums! We do this with all types of groups, ages and abilities.

We provided entertainment at Risca Carnival and Blackwood Beach Party for the last two weeks. We even organised for Chewbacca off Star Wars to do a special set.

maddieI also play in four bands. Check out Maddie Jones, Maddie and the Pandas (soul Band), Bandaoke (at Porter’s First Wednesday and Third Friday of the month, but we are having a break until September) and the newly formed Let’s Dance – A David Bowie Celebration. It’s a 10 piece celebration of all things David Bowie! And I helped do the soundtrack for Owain from Tree Top Films amazing film “In This House“.

messydeskSo if I have a messy desk, it’s because I’m either out teaching people about cool music stuff or out doing about 100 gigs in a year as a performer! Or maybe because I don’t have a proper filing system…

Makes sense! And what’s coming up for RecRock?

rockschoolWe are running two rock schools (like the Jack Black film) over the summer in Cardiff and Newbridge. There is a younger kids play club (minecraft, music, games, arts and crafts) too. Please get in touch if you want to find out more by emailing us at [email protected].


Thanks Dan! You can find out more about RecRock by visiting their website or following them on twitter.

We also asked Huw how he felt about being a finalist:

I learned from the best and was taught well by my sensei, Gareth ‘Samurai’ Jones. It was an honour to even be on the same podium with him.

Thanks, Huw. Gareth has certainly taught you well!

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