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ICE Member, Morgan Online Marketing has launched TechEvents.Wales, a list of all the tech events/ meetups/ conferences in South Wales!



The homepage lists upcoming events and meetups covering a range of topics, including: AWS South Wales User Group, South Wales Agile Group, Swansea Software Development Meetup, Digital Tuesday, PyDiff, South Wales Cyber Security Cluster, Cardiff Blogs and Cardiff SEO Meet.

Founder of Morgan Online Marketing, Steve said:

“I’d previously created a big content campaign for my parents’ IT recruitment agency and wanted to do something similar again. On Twitter they follow a lot of South Wales-based meetup/event organisers, and often retweet their tweets when they announce and promote their upcoming events. I realised that there really wasn’t anywhere that hosted a list of all upcoming tech/digital events – at least not easily available online – which got me thinking: what about a calendar of all the tech events in South Wales, all in one place?

So I came up with the idea of TechEvents.Wales, which pulls in event data from the Eventbrite and Meetup profiles of (currently) 20+ different meetups in Cardiff and the South Wales area, covering a wide variety of IT topics: software development, Agile, SEO, cyber security, UX, blogging, tech entrepreneurship, and lots more.”


As well as the calendar of events, the website will also feature a blog full of writeups, reviews, interviews and guest posts.

If you’d like to get involved or contribute a guest post then check out the website here.