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Welsh inventor Kevin Meredith has worked for eight months on design, prototypes and focus groups. Together with his business partner Denis Campbell, they are launching a crowd funding campaign today with Indiegogo (UK) to put 100,000 Mums Bubble into global production for the fall and Christmas season.

If you’ve ever walked behind a child’s pushchair in the driving rain wishing you were snug, warm and protected, your wish can now be granted.


mums bubble


Mums Bubble is the first all weather protection system for the parent. It attaches to the pushchair and looks like an integral part of the design. Denis said:


“When the weather changes, you can deploy the Mums Bubble in no more time than it takes to open an umbrella but with the added benefits of being able to control the pushchair with both hands, have 360 degree views and most of your body protected not just your head.”


Mums Bubble incorporates UV protection and can be used all around the world. It will protect the parent from strong sunshine, sand storms, monsoons and anything in-between.

The idea came about while Kevin was driving past three women pushing their pushchairs in the “summer” driving rain. Kevin said


“I felt sympathy for them and thought back 20 years to when I had to suffer in the same way when my son was a baby”.


It struck Kevin as odd, that in 20 years no one had thought to protect the parents from the elements, thus Mums Bubble was born.  View the video below.



Kevin is currently a delegate in the ICE Accelerator, a sixteen week, fully funded, non equity business accelerator for business owners who have ambitions to grow, build a team, and to trade beyond borders.

Applications for the third cohort close on March 5th. Apply now.