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A new year is upon us and, whilst we might usually spend this time reflecting on the one that’s just passed, I think it’s fair to say many of us are glad to see the back of 2021.

Instead, we look ahead to 2022 and our startup community is optimistic for getting closer to ‘normality’ and to making the year count when it comes to their business and personal goals. 

Running your own enterprise, the responsibility for driving growth, improvement and innovation falls to you, so it’s unsurprising that our coworking members might have high hopes for what they want to achieve this year. On the other hand, a thriving personal life is something everyone needs, but it can be difficult to find that balance.

Our close-knit community has a wide range of skills and expertise, so our small business owners are perfectly positioned to get the motivation and advice they need to achieve their 2022 objectives. 

To kickstart our collective new year’s resolution challenges and delve a little deeper into how we can support one another, I asked the ICE community what their goals are, how they might measure them, and what barriers they might face on their way to achieving them.

One thing which stood out amongst a few people was getting on the housing ladder – I for one, share this ambition, too. One of my hopes for this year is to move into my own home, and this was echoed by Admin Specialist Keiran Russell:

“My goal for 2022 is to try and buy a house.

“Failing that, I’m going to sort my current place out following more than two years’ worth of my son, Finley’s, toys gathering and taking up floor space.”

keiran russell, welsh ice

Founder of The Wonder Bar, Bethan Trevett, agreed:

“This year, I’d like to buy and move into my own home, and fill it with lots of plants. I also want to spend some time away – I’m praying I can take at least one holiday abroad after two years without jetting off anywhere!”

“Business-wise, I want to provide enjoyable employment for others and have a bit more belief in myself and my business – without forgetting to give myself space from them, too.”

bethan trevett, the wonder bar

Similarly, Jennie Williams from MooJoo Designs wants to boost productivity. She said:

“I want us to get more focused with our energies so that we are working just as productively, but more efficiently. Personally, I intend to take advantage of my newly flexible working hours and position as my own boss to take plenty of business and pleasure trips.”

jennie williams, moojoo designs

Photographer at GSD Media, Jon Plimmer, has also taken the opportunity to put some professional goals in place, saying:

“I rarely have goals more specific than ‘I want to do better than last year’, but now that I have staff to consider I need to be more specific about what that looks like. I’d like to secure more corporate work, which is usually good fun, and to create a supportive work environment for anyone coming to work with me.

“Personally, I’m sticking with the health kick objective that I give myself every January but this time aided by a pool membership and the wider goal of learning more about myself.”

jon plimmer, gsd media

Training Facilitator Tomas Phillips has big plans for 2022, being right at the start of a new entrepreneurial journey:

“Aside from cutting down on the junk food, I’d like to finally get my ducks in order with my little side project and start trading! My biggest barrier is definitely myself – imposter syndrome and motivation are two things I plan on dominating from now on.”

tomas phillips, welsh ice

For me, some of my personal goals include cutting down on social media time and taking care of my mental health. Work-wise, I want to feel truly confident with my workload and accomplish a zen-like state when it comes to organisation and deadlines – I need to put time into planning and hold myself accountable.

I know the coworking community will help with all of this though, from the workshops provided by ICE to throwing ideas around with other members in the coworking spaces inspiration is never too far from reach.

Overall, for the community, much of the ‘new year, new me’ sentiment considers their role as a business owner as well as their health, lifestyle or family life, which only goes further to show how much responsibility and commitment they show to their ventures.

By the sounds of their ambitious plans, it’s going to be another great year for Caerphilly’s small business owners!

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