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The guys at Bomper Studio are a secretive lot. They’re always working on mysterious, top secret projects, which is why it’s always delight when we finally get to see what they’ve been up to!

-And they’ve really treated us this time by announcing two finished projects!

The 3D & CGI specialists have been super busy working on a brilliant animation for the metro system that will transform the way we travel around the Cardiff Capital Region. It will provide faster, more frequent and joined-up services using trains, buses and light rail.

You can learn more about the Metro project here and catch a breakdown on how the animation was created here.

The team have also been working on some pretty awesome CGI football boots for the new Carlsberg Export Euro 2016 packaging!
carlsbImpressive stuff! You can read all about the striking new look here.

To keep an eye on what Bomper Studio get up to, you can check out their website or by following them on twitter.