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ICE member Daniel Fitzgerald has been named ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the SWECED EPIC awards. The award ceremony will took place at the Vale Hotel last week.

Dan said:

“When I left university I wanted to follow the path of being a musician or music teacher, but the support simply wasn’t there. I want to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for doing what I love -what makes me happy- with others; and there’s a gap for people to help you do what you want to. I’m not in this to make millions -I’m in it to make sure I can pay the bills, help others, but ultimately to do something I love doing. I would take minimum wage doing this over £30k working in a bank any day of the week.”

RecRock have recently been given funding from Job Centre Plus to work with 60 unemployed volunteers in a year to improve their skills, confidence and self esteem and will be launching their summer school in May.

For more information, visit their website here.

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