ICE member Laurence receiving business support from some of our mentors

Business help & support in South Wales

Business support shouldn’t simply be the case of having a meeting once a month with someone who doesn’t fully understand the pain and stress that you go through every day trying to run and grow your business… Business support should be about answering the difficult questions – with empathy and comprehension – before little problems become big, bad problems.

The best business support comes from our wonderful community – whether it’s from the members’ Facebook group, Noddlepod, or a chat by the coffee machine, you can get the answers to most problems faced by a new or growing businesses by simply asking those who have been there and done it already. But we also have other, more traditional bases covered.

The ICE Angels are here all day, to help pick up calls that you might otherwise miss, sort out your mail, assist with getting mail out, greet your guests, and arrange meeting rooms for your clients’ visits. They are professional, a lot of fun, and happy to go way above and beyond in order to help make those big problems feel a little more under control, so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

And our mentors, well… our mentors are the best experts in the land, offering their time to come over to ICE every week and provide pro bono sessions to help relieve some of those issues that have been keeping you up late at night. They’re another key factor between working from ICE or working from your dining table. Learn more about each of our mentors here, and their next visits here.

Looking for business support for your business? Why not consider joining ICE? In addition to office space and coworking, we help businesses to grow and thrive. It’s what we do – and we love doing it. Based in Caerphilly, we’re close to Cardiff but also accessible from the rest of South Wales. Contact us today to find out more.