Mandy Weston

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I truly believe that music is also the food of life not just love. Maybe that belief influenced two British Champion Street dancers (also my daughters), I got them dancing at 4 years old and they’ve been swinging those hips ever since. I left school at 16 with a few O-levels but that hasn’t held me back. Starting off on the old YTS youth training scheme I worked myself up through a variety of admin roles. In 2000 I received my Business Management degree and in more recent years I have been board member of two fast growing consultancy businesses springing up out of South Wales. Why “Dr Know” (the nickname)? It wasn’t my idea but I suppose I know a few things when it comes to back office functions irrespective of business size.

(What Mandy didn’t say is that she has achieved her successes through dedication and a deep respect for her working colleagues. I know because I was one of them.) – Nicola, ICE Angel