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This week students had free reign around Welsh ICE to experience, observe and interact with businesses all different sizes throughout a wide variety of industries. Here is what they had to say about their week:

“My week shadowing placement gave me a chance to experience different start up businesses of all types, in such a fun and creative environment. The friendly and helpful atmosphere gave me confidence for when I leave university to share my ideas, however strange or big they are. it also taught me to show my strengths and network with other areas of industry such as finance and business, not just advertising, as this will take my ideas a lot further. This is the type of working environment I would be enthusiastic about and would highly recommend students of all areas to take the opportunity to spend a week with Welsh ICE.  “

Kate Lloyd, Advertising and Brand Design Student

Swansea Metropolitan University.


“Spending a week here at welsh ICE has opened my eyes to what it’s like to run a business from all different sizes and if there is two things that I have learnt, it is to make sure to take a pen and writing pad to any meeting you go to and don’t plan too much because if you are successful things will change at the drop of a hat and you have to respect that”

Lee Williams



“A week at ICE has inspired me to start developing a company, spending time with different entrepreneurs from different backgrounds has given me a broad understanding of the things that I need to do, just get out there and do it”

Jonathon Hughes  



“One week shadowing experience at Welsh ICE increased my confidence to start my own business in the future, it lets me realise that running a company is not easy but worth it in the long run”

Catherine Kang

HR Graduate


“Apart from looking for a job, we can also consider to start up a business and if we are trying to do that, there are a lot of resources exist that we can use, to make the business easier to succeed such as Welsh ICE and government funding”

James Su

Financial Management Graduate  

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