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Here at ICE, we believe everyone is unique and as an extension of that.. so is their desk! We’ve decided to showcase one members desk each week to highlight both the differences and similarities that make ICE such a diverse place to work!

My Desk at ICE – The Number Hub


What do you do?

The Number Hub offers accountancy support for new and small businesses across the UK.  Although it also involves counselling at times!!!

Which room are you in?

We have an office near to reception.

What’s the current status of your desk? Is it neat & tidy or ‘organised chaos’?

Currently tidy – which is surprising as we’re in the middle of tax return season which is very manic!

Mac or PC?

Would love to have a cool looking MAC but couldn’t justify for our business – sadly!  So we’re PC based.

What other hardware do you use?

We’re pretty self-sufficient, so we have a franking machine and a printer/scanner/copier, server etc, along with the very necessary coffee machine.

What software do you use?

We use Logical Office which manages all of our clients’ VAT and Tax filing deadlines and is a fab communication tool too (it sends SMS messages to our clients, which we love).  We also use a Sage based accountancy programme and MS Office and Outlook.  We also have HR software and tax filing software… all costs the earth but couldn’t do without.  My favourite subscribed service is Simply Docs though – if you need a template for anything to do with business – ask us!  We can usually find something on there for free.

What’s your drink of choice while working?

I’d love to be healthy and say ‘water’ but we generally survive on copious amounts of coffee.  We’re on Vi Shakes too at the moment to get rid of the Christmas excess 🙂

Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what?

We have BBC news on throughout the day – helps to put our own problems in context on a bad day.

What personal/professional keepsakes do you keep on your desk?

My desk usually has a picture of my children and a wam vanilla chai reed diffuser, in addition to one of our branded desk calendars.  We try to keep desks clear in here – helps to calm a busy mind (don’t check the mess hidden behind my desk though!

What about toys or fun stuff?

We have three goldfish and a few plants and some home made ornament projects.  We also have Fred, the ‘All-Knowing’ head – he always has the answer!!!

What’s your favourite thing about your desk?

It faces the door so I get to see the world of ICE go by.  Stop and say hi next time you walk past our door.  We’re always happy to get visitors.| @thenumberhub | 0845 6439065