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Way back in June, our lovely friend and colleague, Hope Weyman was offered a great opportunity to take on a new challenge which sadly meant leaving ICE. However, a few months later she’s returned and eager to get stuck back in! Welcome back, Hope! We missed you ✨
-Rachel, CCO

My Story:

You might be wondering why I have been re-introducing myself in multiple social media posts recently when I joined Welsh ICE back in March 2022. Well, recently I was given an opportunity to work within the education industry while still supporting entrepreneurs and young people interested in enterprise.

But two months away from the Welsh ICE community was just too much time away and I have re-joined the team at ICE as a Training Coordinator. I am so excited to be back facilitating and delivering 5-9 Clubs, Hackathons, Bootcamps, Events, and all of the other fun bits we get up to here!

Training Coordinator, Hope Weyman, facilitating a 5-9 Club
Training Coordinator, Hope Weyman, facilitating a 5-9 Club

For me the community has such a strong presence in my life, I did once say “I’ve never had this many friends!” and still have not lived it down. But it’s true! The size of the community we have at ICE and the hundreds of individuals I have seen through 5-9 Clubs, workshops, and training days here and there, I can honestly say I really got to know every single one.

The amount of journeys I have had the pleasure of being a part of and the feeling I get when I say I have helped even the teeniest amount in these journeys drives me to keep it up and spread the word of what we do at ICE to keep our community growing.

Caerphilly 5-9 Pitch Night: A group of cohort attendees, panellists and speakers celebrating.
Caerphilly 5-9 Pitch Night

With many different projects on the way I am looking forward to strengthening our relationships with local colleges and youth services. From experience, I think that the upcoming generations are going to be some really promising entrepreneurs. I have enjoyed hearing the ideas and the impressive skills and abilities from our past youth cohorts, and also the amount we laugh at those sessions.

Learning is always easiest when it’s a little fun too! I am especially excited for the next generation of entrepreneurs to have an effect on the high streets of South Wales. I’ve always had a soft spot for the gems we have as town centres dotted all around the valleys and the more local businesses and new opportunities we can bring to these towns, the better!

The Welsh ICE Team
The Welsh ICE Team

So, if you are thinking about working on an idea you’ve been sitting on for a little while or you’re just starting out in business, now is the perfect time to come grab a coffee and have a good old brainstorm session with me!🌟

You can connect with Hope via email at [email protected] or follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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If you’re interested in learning about upcoming training opportunities, email [email protected].