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A Guest Blog from Nikki Ryall at Panda Education.

Did you know that a group of pandas is called an embarrassment?

…but here at Panda Education and Training we’re not embarrassed to talk about the subject of mental health and wellbeing and so we’ve got together with some of the great people here at Welsh ICE in Caerphilly to spread the word and start our own conversation to take part in ‘Time To Talk Day 2019’

‘Time To Talk Day’ a campaign from the organisation Time To Change is a day to encourage people to talk about and reduce the stigma around mental health issues.

See their website at:

To support this cause and start the conversation
we are hosting an event in the
Boardroom at Welsh Ice
2-4pm on Thursday 7th February 2019

We invite everyone to come and listen to any or all of the speakers (see below), have a cuppa, bring cakes or biscuits to share and just take time to talk OR just listen and get some information about what you might do for yourself or someone else, to understand or live with a mental health illness or issue which are so varied and individual.

The idea of Time To Talk Day 2019 is to gather together the right ingredients to start people talking about mental health, good mental health, mental illness, feelings, emotions, support available, little things you can do for yourself, for someone else and all to make sure that
no-one gets too embarrassed to talk about how they feel and what they need.

Someone who has been affected by mental ill health (like I have been) may not want to talk to you, or me, they might want to know about local services, they might want you to just listen but whatever they want, it really is Time To Talk.

We have 4 speakers (speaking for about 10 minutes each):

Tim Anfield from Mindful Families (

Laura Dernie from My Discombobulated Brain (

Nikki Ryall from Panda Education & Training (

Dave Beadle from Rotundus (


So come, join us, enjoy cake and a cuppa because it really is ‘Time To Talk’

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