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All work and no play could make coworking a bit dull. Fortunately at Welsh ICE, we’re all about the community and since our community happens to be pretty awesome, there’s always plenty of interesting stuff to talk about.

To that end, we’re introducing our ‘Community Top Ten’, a list by a different ICE member each week, covering a topic they’d like to share.

First, business consultant, Toby Townrow from 10Eighty Cymru presents: “My Cultural Top Ten of Things I Like at the Moment in No Particular Order”

1. Babymetal

Cheesy J-Pop mashed up with a full on Death Metal band? Yes, please!

2. Inside Number 9

Tales of the Unexpected with better acting and sets that don’t wobble. Add a bit of comedy, horror and heart-rending pathos and you get Inside No. 9.

3. Slipknot

The masks are no gimmick – they have the chops. Not for the faint-hearted.

4. Catastrophe

From Sharon Horgan, the brains behind the excellent Pulling (and Divorce), this may only work for you if you’re over thirty – but it’s brilliantly observed and only faintly ridiculous.

5. The Blue Book by A.L. Kennedy

A love story set on a cruise ship. Except it’s about the singular nature of deception as practised by charlatan psychics and the games people play. A challenging but rewarding read.

6. Board/Card Games
Pandemic, Portal, Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens

All of these games are great, but please don’t do what I did and play Cards Against Humanity with your parents. I am still getting flashbacks….

7. Logan

If you haven’t seen it yet, go see it! Especially if you like Westerns. It’s basically High Noon meets True Grit. With added Adamantium.

8. Final Fantasy VII

The single greatest video game of all time. And Steve Morgan agrees with me.

9. Okonomiyaki from Abeno

This is a sort of Japanese pancake from Osaka. You add garlic, ginger, tempura pieces and your choice of meat or fish. You top it with bonito flakes, Tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo. In Japan you cook it yourself on a hotplate at your table. That breaches several thousand Health and Safety regulations (Tony Sage is already having a coronary reading this) so at the only Oknomiyaki restaurant in Europe, Abeno, they do it for you. If you’re ever in London, you MUST go. It is AMAZING.

10. Plants Vs Zombies 2

I can’t stop playing this. I really need to.

Thanks Toby! Look out for more ‘Top 10’s’ from the Community soon!

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