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One of the fastest growing past-times in the world of media is the rise of eSports, competitive games where two sides go against each other in games of wits, strategy and skill. It’s viewed by millions of video-gaming enthusiasts online every day, and is becoming one of the most exciting trends in the industry.

The thrill of seeing a team rise to the top is one that’s hard to beat as they take out the best that the game has to offer. However, Uprising eSports feel as though the same names, the same teams are appearing too often. They want to see a new guard take the fold and take the world of eSports to a level that will change the scene forever. They want to see an Uprising!

Uprising eSports are launching a brand new eSports Gaming League that they hope will dawn our new age. With a focus on two arguably under-appreciated eSports in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, they hope to be able to bring a plethora of new teams to the foray and inspire the next Virtus.Pro or Fnatic Gaming.

Taking inspiration from the world of traditional sports to create a league that is fair and fun without compromising on the balancing skill levels. Uprising eSports are introducing a divisional system that will allow teams over the course of a season to compete for a championship crown and prize pot, and promote or relegate teams based on performance. This will in time allow teams to compete in divisions that will benefit them most because they are competing against teams that are on an equal footing in terms of skill. They believe that this will offer a better balancing of competition than traditional ELO systems will.

Uprising eSports also take away the tedious work of match organisation. Ladder systems require teams to organise their own matches from start to finish. With the Uprising eSports League, the divisional system generates pre-determined fixtures with all the teams in your division, meaning all you have to do is set a time and date and you’re ready.

Current skill level doesn’t matter. Uprising eSports welcome any team of any ability. Progression and improvement is key, and with progress can come reward. Prizes for divisional champions and off-season tournaments will keep the league fresh and exciting.

They also want to create a social content platform via Youtube and popular streaming platform Twitch, where community driven content and review shows for the leagues will help to drive its legitimacy. And everyone will be featured!

Sound good? Then please consider donating to the Uprising eSports crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter. This project cannot reach its full potential without your help. Check out the Kickstarter page and find them on Facebook here.

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