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Virtual Office

Call handling, a registered business address and more…
Find out about our virtual office services.

While we offer coworking spaces and serviced offices at Welsh ICE, not everyone needs a full-time, dedicated desk space or office unit for their business – especially if you’re on the road a lot.

Having a virtual office at ICE is a great way to still be a part of the community and enjoy the benefits and support that ICE offers. The features of our Virtual Membership offering include:

  • A landline telephone number: either 0330 or 029 (Cardiff/Caerphilly) number
  • A registered office address
  • Mail handling
  • Call handling
  • Occasional (one day per week) desk use in one of our coworking spaces
  • Access to our mentor support
  • The opportunity to present your business in a professional manner by association with ICE
  • Invitation to the ICE members’ Facebook Group and ICE information-sharing platform
  • On-site restaurant and coffee shop

Even if you feel that virtual office support is the way forward for your business, it might still be worth weighing up all of our different membership options, just in case having a desk or your own room would be a better option for you – you can see how our different membership options stack up here. Some of our members started out as virtual memberships but ‘upgraded’ to full-time membership as their business grew – you might find the same.

For more information on our virtual office offering, please contact us today.

Ed Brooks - ProfitSourcery

"The community at ICE is excellent and has been a real boon to the business. Need a creative designer? There’s one at ICE. Need some marketing support? There’s a business at ICE! Probably the two most important factors have been the growing network infrastructure, which means our global online business can connect anywhere, quickly. Also, as our business has grown quickly, we have been able to easily transition into larger offices on the premises - everything we need to grow, is here."

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