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We’re always super happy when one of our members is shortlisted as a finalist for an award and always mega super happy when we have multiple finalists up for awards!

Here’s a huge congratulations to five of our members, Bomper Studio, Codez Academy, Delio, OnCocoa and Profit Sourcery!

The Wales Start-Up awards are a little different to other ceremonies in Wales. Gone is the usual black tie approach and instead they will be held in an informal setting at the award-winning Depot in Cardiff, an entrepreneurial start-up business where street food and craft beer from Welsh enterprise will be served to those attending.

The categories they have been shortlisted in are:

Creative and Digital Start-Up of the Year
Codez Academy

Financial and Professional Services Start-Up of the Year
Delio Ltd

Food and Drink Start-Up of the Year

Global Start-Up of the Year
Profit Sourcery

Services Start Up of the Year
Bomper Studio

Cardiff Capital Region Business Start-Up of the Year
Delio Ltd

In Global Start-Up of the year, members Delio and Profit Sourcery will be going head to head to win the title. Delio are also featured in a further two categories. Elsewhere, ICE alumni Owen Derbyshire’s company Properr also featured in two categories. A full list of those shortlisted can be found here.

An amazing achievement for all involved! The award ceremony will be held on Friday 16th September 2016 at 6pm. Tickets are £50+vat and can be bought on the website.

Good luck everyone!