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EverTrek have been shortlisted at the Wales Startup Awards in the Leisure & Tourism category!

We thought it would be a good idea to hear a bit more about what they’ve been up to recently so here’s a guest blog from MD, Andy Moore!


Well, that was a surprise!

Firstly thanks to Wales Startup awards for shortlisting EverTrek for the Leisure & Tourism award and secondly thanks to Welsh ICE for all of the support since we joined as a member early last year. It’s been huge. Personally, I’m not really one to show off with awards and things like that but you know what, I’m super pumped at being shortlisted for this one and wouldn’t it be great to actually win the thing.

It’s been one amazing year for us with our industry high almost 100% success rate (95%) of our clients reaching Mt Everest and I’m super proud of the systems and processes we have put in place to enable people to have the best chance possible of succeeding at the extreme high altitude. It’s not an easy journey to Mt Everest and it’s massively challenging but knowing our guys in Nepal have things covered, and knowing the quality of trekking and mountain guides that we have, it makes for a superb experience for our customers.


Way to Mt. Everest Base Camp signpost in Himalayas, Nepal

From a business point of view, with our increase in customer numbers, sold out trips and our competitions generating a huge increase in brand awareness with a marked increase in sales it’s been a bloody great year! We are also right in the midst of getting our new website & customer portal built where our customers can login, download all of our training guides, watch our training videos whilst also uploading things like flight itinerary, insurance docs and we are also adding a shop for our t-shirts and outdoor gear which will add another income stream to the business. This is the kind of innovation we are introducing to the trekking/climbing industry as we want to not only take customers to Everest but also coach them in a way that they are the best-prepared trekkers on the trails in Nepal.

We have also expanded our business outside of Nepal where we have now recruited suppliers in Iceland, Norway, Morrocco, Tanzania, Bolivia and Peru and these will be the first countries where we will running mountain expeditions/adventure trips under our global brand name which is under wraps at the moment but will soon be out there with everyone.



Fast approaching is another trek I’m personally leading. I’m off to Nepal taking a group of 15 customers from FTSE100 company ‘Just Eat’ to Everest in late September and this has been huge from a PR perspective for us and has certainly opened a few doors. Excuse the pun but being able to ‘TAKEAWAY’ clients from corporate companies like Just Eat is something that enables us to position ourselves as growing market leaders in the adventure travel industry and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. For now, fingers crossed we win this awesome award from Wales Startup Awards’

The full shortlist can be viewed here. Well done EverTrek!