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Last week, Welsh ICE CEO, Gareth Jones and managing director of Funding Empire, Parag Patel were guests on Share Radio. There, they discussed the idea behind Welsh ICE and working at home vs working in a community.

ICE member Parag Patel said:

“Welsh ICE is a great place, it’s been instrumental in our growth over the last year since we’ve been based there. There’s a diverse range of businesses there run by equally diverse individuals.”

He added that;

“ICE is a community, I refer to it as a family. We are an ICE family where any issues that businesses might have on a day to day basis, they can just stand up, take a few footsteps and find the answer. As well as obviously being able to tap into the knowledge of other businesses who are all based there. Welsh ICE provide a great mentoring service and are fully supportive of start ups and businesses in Wales generally.”

Gareth Jones went on to elaborate about the diversity at Welsh ICE-

“In the area that Parag sits in there are musicians, illustrators, architects, chocolate manufacturers, cleaning companies, software developers, graphic designers, training providers –an incredibly diverse range. Normally you don’t start a business unless you know your industry, or unless you know your sector and you’ve got networks that will support you from that perspective. If you’re starting a business, that’s the new adventure so you want someone around you who has been through that problem in the last three months and someone who can advise you in a truly empathetic way.”

They also discussed Jobs Growth Wales, which has been instrumental to many start up businesses at ICE, as well as ICE100, a scheme to get 100 starts ups in Welsh ICE this year.

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You can hear the full interview here.