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In business, we all want to get from A to B but it’s easy to get lost, distracted or stuck along the journey.

Welsh ICE was created to be a space where startups, freelancers and SME’s could work in harmony in a creative, inspiring and supportive environment. Our greatest and most important asset to achieving this goal is our amazing community.

This is the secret sauce in the ICE model, true peer-to-peer engagement. Advice, insight, and expertise from entrepreneurs who have not only been there and done that, but still have the bruises to show for it.

Informal mentoring and support between members has been happening since our inception but now we’re taking this to the next level by launching ‘ICE Guides’. Our Guides are members of the ICE community who are formally setting aside time to offer help and guidance to their fellow members on a one-to-one basis.


Adrian Walker, Annie Browne, Richard Hillsdon, Mandy Weston, Owen Richards & Gareth Jones


ICE members are invited to pick up a Guides pack which gives an overview of the help each Guide can provide including a brief introduction, their qualifications, areas of strength and general expertise. This pack will help members choose the Guide that’s right for them so that they can build a meaningful relationship with someone who’s been in their shoes.



We have eight Guides signed up so far, with more in the pipeline. These are:

Adrian Walker – Welsh ICE
Annie Browne – Hello My PA
Cariann Emanuelli – Wize Virtual Admin
Gareth Jones – Town Square
Mandy Weston – Town Square
Owen Richards – Big Lemon Creative
Richard Hillsdon – Tekeez
Steve Morgan – Morgan Online Marketing

Steve Morgan is one of our longest serving ICE members and has been based here for five years. He has a wealth of experience of running a business and has been helping out fellow members since he started working here.

On becoming a Guide, Steve said:

“I just want to help out and give back. A lot of good people have helped me on my journey and I want to return the favour.”


Annie Browne’s a virtual assistant and has been offering administrative support and marketing assistance to SME’s and freelancers since 2015. She said:

“I love to have a natter over coffee so if I can do that and help to support someone in their new venture then that is an added bonus.”


Richard Hillsdon has been in business for 37 years and is eager to help make a difference to someone starting up or growing:

“To see a business or a business owner achieve more as a result of working with them would be a huge reward for sharing my experiences and knowledge.”


If you know a suitable guide or would like to volunteer yourself, please let us know. It is a rewarding experience to spend time with ambitious and hardworking entrepreneurs who are making a real difference and the addition of your experience, normalises and rationalises problems that might otherwise feel like a complete roadblock.

For more information on our ICE Guides program or to see how you can get involved drop an email to [email protected].