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Here at ICE, we believe everyone is unique and as an extension of that.. so is their desk! We’ve decided to showcase one members desk each week to highlight both the differences and similarities that make ICE such a diverse place to work!

My Desk at ICE – Mandy Weston


ICE member & company details

Wize Virtual Admin Limited

What do you do?

Managing Director.

Which room are you in?

Wize Office.

What’s the current status of your desk? Is it neat & tidy or ‘organised chaos’?

Fairly tidy, except for seasonal Christmas cards.

Mac or PC?

Laptop. Mac way to confusing for me.

What other hardware do you use?

VoIP phone and mobile.

What software do you use?

Microsoft mainly and email.

What’s your drink of choice while working?

Green tea with lemon.

Do you listen to music while you work? If so, what?

Anything on my iPad playlist.

What personal/professional keepsakes do you keep on your desk?

Framed picture of my beautiful daughters.

What about toys or fun stuff?

Afraid not.

What’s your favourite thing about your desk?

Lucky enough to have two so love working between the two depending on what I am doing. 🙂