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Exciting news! Luke Walters’ new Documentary “Wrestling A Dream” will be premiering on BBC 2 Wales!

Wrestling A Dream follows British pro wrestler ‘The Pride of Wales’ Eddie Dennis as he sacrifices safety, security and comfort for a dream, for a chance -however slim- at something more. After being stood in front of countless assemblies telling his students to take risks, follow their dreams and never settle for second best. Now he has decided to follow his own advice and pursue his life long dream of becoming a professional wrestler instead of a teacher. After the initial airing it will also be available to view on IPlayer for 30 days.

Director of Cinescope, Luke Walters said:

“Pro Wrestling has always been a massive part of my life, from being a fan at aged 3 watching the classic world of sport on ITV to actually wrestling in front of packed out crowds throughout the UK. So now after all this time away from it, it’s quite strange to step back into that world! It’s nice but strange because this time I’m the other side of the camera.

“Wrestling A Dream” tells the story of “The Pride of Wales” Eddie Dennis. From private school headmaster to full time pro wrestler. We captured a man literally wrestling his dream. To me that is such a bonkers but inspiring journey that I thought it deserved to be shown on TV. Luckily I knew Eddie from my wrestling days! We both started out at the same training school. So I got in touch with Ed about possibly making this doc.

After I got the green light from the BBC and It’s MY Shout it was full steam ahead! I had an amazing crew behind me, my 2 main camera operators Daniel Harris of AOTV and Robin Sparrow Biggs who just worked on BBC/S4C show Craith/Hidden with me have an incredible eye for visuals. Some of the stuff they were getting was actually mind blowing! So it defiantly made my job a thousand times easier!

The reactions we’ve had back so far from selected screenings and so on has been overwhelmingly positive. Ed, despite what he says, is an inspiration to everyone out there that is fed up of the 9-5 job and wants to pursue their dream.”


“Wrestling A Dream” will premier on Wednesday 21st February at 11:25pm on BBC 2 Wales (Sky 102 in Wales Sky Channel 971 rest of UK).