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The Culture Shake-Up

Close up of a Black keyboard, focus is primarily on the shift key
CAPITALISE on the culture shift!

In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship, a seismic Culture Shift has hit, reshaping how businesses operate and thrive. And guess what? It’s not just about beanbags and ping-pong tables; it’s a legit powerhouse for success!

Forbes spilt the tea that companies with killer cultures have seen a jaw-dropping 4x increase in revenue growth. Yep, you read that right – FOUR times!

And let’s talk football for a sec. Sir Alex Ferguson turned Manchester United into legends, not just with strategy but by creating a positive team culture. Trust and collaboration over micromanagement? That’s the real MVP. Check out Steven Bartlett’s ‘Diary of a CEO’ interview with Rio Ferdinand for the inside scoop!

Meet Aled Nelmes and Lumen SEO

Now, onto the rockstars of today’s entrepreneurial scene! Aled Nelmes, CEO of Lumen SEO, is not just a business wizard; he’s a culture guru.

Embracing a 4-day work week, choosing the dreamiest locations, and creating vibes that make you want to high-five your screen – Lumen SEO is the poster child for work that feels like anything but work.

Give them a follow on LinkedIn and Instagram; your feed will thank you later!

Headshot of Aled Nelmes, CEO of Lumen SEO
aled nelmes, Lumen SEO

“The importance of building a staff-first culture is two-fold. Firstly, commercially it completely makes sense in that staff are your biggest cost, and therefore the success and failure on a business can rely on their efforts, their patience and their focus, therefore they should be treated and maintained like your most valuable and important asset. If you had an essential machine for example, that was your biggest cost and your biggest reliance on success, you would work to maintain it as best as possible – why should staff be treated any differently?

Secondly, there’s a cost-saving side. Hiring and training can be the biggest cost to your business both in time and capital. Having a staff-first culture minimises staff-turnover – no one has resigned from Lumen SEO to-date. You conserve and retain that knowledge and experience and your business grows faster as a result.”

Aled nelmes, lumen seo

But Aled’s not alone; let’s talk about Meg Davies, a Welsh ICE member and CEO of ‘The Curly Assistant’ who kicked corporate culture to the curb and became a digital nomad. (Fun fact, Meg is packing her bags right now for a backpacking trip across South-East Asia – Why? Because WHY NOT!). Travel + freelancing = a match made in culture heaven. Pro tip: If you haven’t registered your business with Welsh ICE, you’re missing out on a culture party!

Pyjamas, Jeans, or Superhero Capes Welcome!

And can we just say a massive goodbye to those stuffy, corporate dress codes?

In the Culture Shift era, creativity thrives in comfort. Pyjamas, jeans, or superhero capes -because why not? For me, it’s all about Crocs and socks – don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

The Welsh ICE community celebrating Pride, multicoloured balloons & hula hoops.
comfortable. creative. culture.

Cheers to Those Embracing The Culture Shift!

To wrap it up, The Culture Shift isn’t just a trend; it’s a full-blown movement reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape. Businesses aren’t just surviving; they’re thriving, innovating, and creating an environment where success is inevitable.

So, here’s a virtual toast to all of you riding the culture wave – where work is joy, creativity knows no bounds, and success is the only destination! 🥂