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So, you’ve heard of entrepreneurs, right? High scorer in Scrabble, but traditionally, the image conjured was that of an older figure in a snazzy suit. But hey, that’s so yesterday!

Being an entrepreneur isn’t about owning a fleet of companies or swimming in cash. It’s a mindset thing. Think creativity, passion, teamwork, and a knack for solutions over sulking about problems.

Historically Speaking…

Back in my teenage years, “entrepreneur” meant suits, ties, and briefcases straight out of a movie, complete with perfectly polished shoes and a subscription to Excel that might as well be your best friend. But fast forward to today, and that mental picture is due for a serious upgrade.

The past few decades have flipped the script on business norms faster than you can say, ‘startup.’ Neckties are now neck tattoos, briefcases are replaced by sleek backpacks, and those polished shoes?

Welsh ICE's Head of Commercial Development, Tom Phillips as teenager.
a time of low resolution & lower style choices

Well, they’ve transformed into trendy kicks, think Jordan 1s or New Balance 550’s. Skeptical? Head to a co-working space and spot the hoodie-Nike combo. If you can still drive home without seeing that, I owe you a round of drinks!

What caused this epic makeover? Some blame it on the rise of millennials. Previous generations dreamt of corner offices, but millennials? Not so much. A study found that a whopping 49% of them dream of starting their own gig rather than climbing a corporate ladder. And why? Well, I’d say the traditional paths just don’t cut it anymore. We’ve seen the chaos, the broken contracts, and the whole distrust in big corporations. There had to be a better way. And guess what? There is!

Where we at?

Starting a business nowadays is like unlocking a cheat code. All the info you need is free and waiting for you online. Governments are cheering you on, with the UK government offering tax-free personal allowances of up to £1000. Plus, accelerator programs are popping up everywhere, stacking the odds in your favour. Shout out and cheeky plug to Welsh ICE and their 5-9 Club and ICE Grow programmes! Millennials figured out that crashing and burning with your own business teaches you more in two years than cubicle life does in two decades.

Look at the new icons of entrepreneurship – Charlie Sloth with his loud and vibrant colours, James Watt rocking a t-shirt and cap combo, and industry sensations such as Rihanna with her unwavering individuality. What they wear doesn’t define their success – it’s how they think.

Tomorrow is a new day!

Here’s the kicker: diversity fuels innovation.

Gone are the days of entrepreneurs cut from the same cloth. Now, they come from everywhere and anywhere. Different minds create killer businesses. It’s not just my opinion; it’s a fact. When diverse brains collide, ideas soar. And guess what? Your products get stronger because you understand your customers better.

The dictionary needs an update too. It’s stuck on words like “tycoon” and “mogul.” But hey, if you see problems as opportunities and brew creative solutions, congrats – you’re an entrepreneur, no matter your age or background.

For all you budding entrepreneurs out there, claim that title. Seriously, just saying, “I’m an entrepreneur” can work wonders. It’s like unlocking a secret society of opportunities, connections, and growth for you and your ideas.

Let’s break molds, blur lines, and redefine success, one innovative idea at a time. Welcome to the tribe, entrepreneur!

Welsh ICE's Head of Commercial Development, Tom Phillips. Wearing a beanie whilst delivering a 5-9 Club.
same style, different mindset