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ICE member Nudjed has just launched a crowdfunding campaign through Seedrs, aiming to raise £100,000 within 24 days to enable them to expand and improve their business. The company was founded 18 months ago by Neil Atherton and Warren Fauvel, and has already raised over £90k through investment, loans and grants. Nudjed is a health subscription service which is aiming to put an end to failed crash diets – the easiest way to describe it is as ‘the Siri of health advice’.

The service offers clear, scientific health advice in simple steps that fit around your lifestyle; it helps users to identify a long term health goal, and then work towards it by making small changes. Essentially, Nudjed uses digital technology to make being healthy easy, interesting, and focused. They incentivise achievement, and tailor advice to maximise motivation. The health app market is an exciting field to be a part of, as it is the fastest growing sector in the technology industry right now – growing more than 80% faster than any other sector.

The Nudjed team consists of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs who are all focused and passionate about delivering a great product which enables users to be as healthy as they want to be, no matter how busy they are. Since it’s launch, Nudjed has already had considerable success; they will be undertaking a pilot partnership scheme with Superdrug, rolling out in South Wales stores in time for Christmas, and have also secured business to business sales with clients including Wolfestone Translation and Welsh ICE. They have also agreed a £125k investment deal with Finance Wales. Nudjed have currently acquired around 200 active paying users while in stealth mode. They’ve conducted hundreds of user interviews in order to make sure the service is as i

ntuitive and supportive as possible, and are scaling the system up for a projected 250,000 users over the next three years. In the short term, Nudjed plan on introducing third party app integration, before developing native iOS and Android mobile apps, and machine learning to improve the advice offering system.


If you’d like to take thopportunity to be involved in this exciting start-up – anywhere from £10 to £10,000 – you can read the pitch and invest at

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