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Partner with ICE!

  • Receive tailor-made content for your staff and service users
  • Become a partner hub! We’ll help you build a community just like ours
  • Sponsor a 5-9 Club, Bootcamp or Hackathon
Discuss partnership with Welsh ICE CEO Lesley Williams!

Welsh ICE are passionate about helping people start and grow their own businesses. We recognise the importance of small businesses and start-ups to local and national economies. 16 million people in the UK are employed by SMEs and these SMEs account for 98% of private sector businesses. Small business truly is the driver of local growth.

We offer a unique blend of coworking space, training, development and community to help businesses to start, grow and prosper.

How can you partner with us?

  • Upskill your staff with our bespoke Hackathons.
  • Become a thriving partner hub by utilising our decades of expertise.
  • Sponsor a 5-9 Club to help local communities, minority groups or a specific group of your choosing.
  • Offer your students/clients exclusive access to our e-learning platform,

YOU tell us! These are just a few ways you can partner with Welsh ICE but we’d love to hear your ideas too 🚀

Download our partner pack for further information

Welsh ICE statistics over the top of Welsh ICE CEO, Llinos Neale talking to a member.
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