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  • Do you want help launching your business?
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Have you got a great idea for a business?

The 5-9 Club is an 8-week after-hours business course that takes you through the fundamental things you need to know about to make your business idea a success. You’ll be taught by industry experts alongside like-minded people in a supportive and fun environment.

This full-day course is perfect for challenging you and your staff!

The Welsh ICE Hackathon is a bespoke course designed to exercise your organisation’s problem-solving abilities, upskill your entrepreneurial skills and create real solutions to challenges you are facing.

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The 5-9 Club

Need help launching your business?

Have you got a great idea for a business? Or you’d like some guidance to take your business to the next level? ————————————————————————-Now is the time to do it with the 5-9 Club!

Training and support tailored to your needs

Whether you’re looking to launch a new venture, upskill your team or tackle a bespoke challenge, we’ve got you covered. Our Community Entrepreneurship Developers are highly skilled at creating training programmes and providing 121 support for budding business owners.

We can deliver bespoke Bootcamps for those needing intensive training on a particular subject. Or if it’s a challenge you’re after, we’ll devise a Hackathon to test your team’s entrepreneurial abilities.

The Team Behind the Training

Welsh ICE Outreach Team
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