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A New & Improved Way of Engaging with Welsh ICE 🙌

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce something sleek, user-friendly, and designed to supercharge the way we interact here at Welsh ICE: Say hello to our new App – OfficeRND Flex! (We’re calling it ‘Flex’ for short)

Why the Upgrade?

In our journey to provide the best for our community, we’re embracing change and harnessing new technologies. While our existing system has served us well, we believe it’s time for a sprinkle of modern magic!

The Exciting Features of Flex:

Web & Mobile: WE ARE ON THE APP STORE! Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, you can download the Welsh ICE App and utilise our new service on the go!

Your Personal Web Portal: Think of this as your virtual lounge, where you can chill, mingle, and stay up to date with all things Welsh ICE – all in one place.

Membership at Your Fingertips: Now, you can view and flaunt your membership status without having to ping us an email.

Flexible Purchasing Options: Looking to extend your time with us or have a colleague joining for the day? Purchase new memberships and day passes with a simple click.

Book Meetings Like a Pro: Need a space for that upcoming brainstorming session? Your next meeting room is just a booking away!

Connect & Collaborate: Make the most out of our tight-knit community. Engage with fellow members via our internal messaging system. Who knows? Your next business partner could be just a message away!

Stay In-The-Know: Whether it’s our entrepreneurial workshops or the annual Christmas outing, you’ll never miss an event update.

For Our Non-Paying Enthusiasts: We still cherish your participation in our community! Feel free to access our web portal. While not all features will be unlocked, you’ll still get a taste of the OfficeRND Flex experience.

A Smooth Transition

Here’s the cherry on top: Your current membership status remains untouched. This change is simply about enriching our interactions, not tweaking your existing perks.

So, as you log into Flex for the first time, know that your journey will be smooth sailing. As of the publishing of this blog, you should have received an invitation to log in and start playing around with the new system.

Final Thought

We are genuinely excited about this transition and are confident that Flex will further cement Welsh ICE as a hub of innovation, collaboration, and engagement. Got questions, ideas, or concerns? We’re all ears!

Helpful Links

💻 Sign up for the Flex App & Web Portal

🗓️ Public Calendar Page for Meeting Room Bookings

🌟 Purchase ICE Membership