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Coworking Tales with GSD Media

GSD Media is an award winning company that specialises in photography, film and live streaming. We recently caught up with GSD Media Founder, Jon Plimmer, to discuss his story.

Hey Jon! Could you tell us a little bit about you, your business & your position in the business?

Of course, I’m Jon, my business is called GSD Media and I’m sat down.

Just kidding, I’m the founder/owner/chief do-er and tea collector!

When did you start your business and where are you based?

I’ve been self-employed since 2010 (ish) but only started to take it seriously after I rebranded into GSD in 2017. The business is based in Welsh ICE and I live in the Vale.

Can you tell us a little about how and why you got started?

Hahahahaha. Yes. This is a hobby that’s gotten DRASTICALLY out of hand. I do not want, nor ever have I wanted to be a business owner. It just kinda… happened… and now I’m here. Like a man with a lion. I don’t know how I got a lion, I don’t know what to do with it now I’ve got it and I’m not entirely sure how I stop it from eating me.

What does GSD Media do and who are your customers?

I shoot things for a living…

Oh you wanted more. I take photos and film things from weddings and family events to theatre and corporate getaways. My clients are wide and varied but all share a common love of puns, silliness and memes.

What are your most notable achievements to date?

I hate this question. Ummmm. My most recent is having an image graded with a Bronze bar by the Guild of photographers. Before that, having an image reach the top 100 in an international photo contest, which doesn’t sound THAT impressive until I tell you it was out of over 27,000 entries.

Also, photographing Brian May in 2012. Never have I EVER fan girled so hard.

Are you a growing business or are you looking to grow?

Yes. Always but never proactively. I’ve found that when I try and grow, engage or expand I don’t seem to get anywhere but if I just keep things in the back of my mind they sort of… happen. Although I have a firm plan of what I’d do should money be of no import.

Sounds great! Are you planning on taking on any more members of staff?

Yes! In an ideal world I’d have a larger team. I’d like a video specialist, a business manager and a photo specialist. I already have the photo specialist and she does amazing work and takes a lot off my plate but we could do so much more with just a little more support.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you and your business so far, and how did you/will you overcome it?

I am the biggest challenge to my business. I’m an idiot. I love my job and shooting stuff but admin makes me anxious. I cannot tell you how overwhelming I find emails. In my head, everyone is angry with me or wants the job free. Which, logically makes no sense and yet here I am not replying to emails because of an irrational feeling of dread. Pair that with my inability to say “no”, my people pleasing tendencies and a perceiving higher value on feedback of a job well done from clients and colleagues makes for a very anxious business owner.

Without wanting to seem too needy I probably over compensate and don’t communicate enough when I should which probably creates an inconsistent user experience… You probably just wanted “funding” or “Brexit” or something didn’t you?

How has ICE supported you on your business journey?

I was on the ICE50 (now ICE Start) in 2017 and loved it here. Took a little while for me to start getting to know people and getting comfortable in the community but, now I’m here, you’re not getting rid of me.

Glad to hear it! Have you been involved with ICE in any other way, such as taking part in or delivering any workshops?

Yes. I have delivered a few workshops which is both rewarding and terrifying in equal measure. It’s a fun terror though. It’s the kind of terror I thrive on… that’s another thing entirely.

What’s next for your business?/Do you have any future plans you’d like to shout about?

Not really. Just keep doing what we’re doing and see where that takes us. Hasn’t steered us wrong so far…

If people want to connect & get in touch, how best can they do so? What social media handles do you use?

We are @gsdmediauk on all socials (I think) but if you’d rather get in touch directly then [email protected] is your best bet.

Laura & Jon – GSD Media

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