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ICE Academy


  • Upskill you & your Staff
  • Gain Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Exercise your Problem-Solving Abilities
Learn more about your bespoke Hackathon

The Welsh ICE Hackathon is a bespoke course designed to exercise your organisation’s problem-solving abilities, upskill your entrepreneurial skills and create real solutions to challenges you are facing.

This full-day course is perfect for challenging you and your staff. It will cover entrepreneurial skills like:

  • Idea Generation
  • Finding your Perfect Customer
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Planning
  • Pitching your idea

Utilising our community of business experts we can also provide bespoke training covering an array of entrepreneurial skills.

We’ll design a bespoke challenge or task designed to help you & your staff overcome any barriers you are facing.

Whether that’s devising alternate revenue streams, implementing new processes or strengthening your teamwork abilities, we’ve got you covered!

CCBC Tourism Hackathon 2022