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We wanted an expert opinion on the best dog walks around Welsh ICE and Caerphilly 🧐

We’re organising a Netwalking session for International Dog Day this month – Book your space here. To make sure we get it right, we asked ICE Member & hiking blogger, Helen Harman AKA The Heritage Hiker to list her favourite dog walks in Caerphilly. She has combined two of her passions, as a heritage professional, Helen uses her knowledge of history, heritage & archaeology to inform and educate her audience about the great adventures on your doorstep

We asked and Helen kindly obliged:

Woofy Dog Walks from Welsh ICE in Caerphilly

It’s only been a year since I lost my beloved pooch. A feisty female 16yr old Jack Russell terrier named Jackie. We walked and walked together, through towns, across the countryside and even up mountains. I know the memories that are made by spending time out walking with your best friend. When the dog-friendly folks at Welsh ICE asked me to come up with some suggestions for doggy walks near Welsh ICE I thought why not, for Jackie x

White dog with one eye standing on a mountain.
I could’ve walked with you fur-ever

The following are only suggested walks. They cover urban and rural areas, prepare yourself for the terrain. Remember always take a map and/or a phone and when out and about using the Countryside Code will help to make your experience a better one.

Doggy Site Visits

Why not come to Welsh ICE by train and bring the dog for a short walk and visit?

Nearest Station : Caerphilly

Roadsign and road next to Caerphilly train station.
Satellite image of a route between Caerphilly train station and Welsh ICE.

When you reach the Caerphilly Station you want to be on the side of the station car park. (you might need to cross a metal bridge depending on which platform you arrive on). Walk out through the station car park and down along Station Terrace on the pavement until you reach a roundabout.

Right before the roundabout make sure you are on the right-hand side of the road and follow it around to the right. Just on the corner there is a red poo bin that marks a tarmacked path to take you through a short stretch to the back of the business park and on to Welsh ICE.

Just over 1/2 mile, 10-15 mins each way or just over 1 mile and 20-30mins there and back again.

A Castle Fit for a Canine

You can’t come to Caerphilly and not see the castle. The beauty of Welsh ICE is that it is well placed to take in the history as well as the nature that surrounds it.

An urban walk towards Caerphilly will lead you straight to the castle. From there you can walk around the green parkland.

Start out from Welsh ICE and head through the business park towards the station. From here carry on through the station car-park until you meet the road. Head right on the pavement down the road along the pavement until you meet the green park surrounding the castle moat. From here you can self-navigate around the castle before heading back the way you came. There is a sticky bit of busy road to navigate (see map marker) so you can always skip that bit and double back on yourself and then go the other way round.

3 miles and just over an 1hr walk. You could choose to stop at the castle for a visit (entrance charges apply) as dogs on leads welcome to access ground floor levels of the site. There is also plenty of green space and castle remains to explore without even having to enter the main castle.

Caerphilly Castle with a moat on a sunny day.
Caerphilly Castle
Satellite image of a walk between Welsh ICE and Caerphilly Castle.
Green Tag =Station Car Park
Red Tag = Welsh ICE
Yellow Triangle = Caution


Scenic picture of Caerphilly from a field next to Welsh ICE.

For those wishing for a step straight out into the countryside. Cross over the road from Welsh ICE, up past the historic Van House and onto a bridleway. The path takes you up into the fields from where you can use the path to go along and take in the peace and quiet before turning around in a loop and heading back the way you came up. Be prepared for some beautiful views that really help put the world in perspective.

Satellite image of walk between Welsh ICE and the nearby fields.

This walk is around three miles and lasts about one hour. You can always shorten by turning around at any time and going back the way you came. You can spend time exploring different routes too. Maybe even take your lunch with you – the views are stunning. It can be slippery, muddy and mucky in the wet so be prepared for a mucky puppy!

A little bit further afield

A short distance away from Welsh ICE is Coed Parc-y-Van and Caerphilly Mountain. You could choose to stop off at either on the way to or from Welsh ICE. Both are muddy and steep in places so better in the drier months.

Satellite image of Caerphilly highlighting Welsh ICE, Caerphilly Mountain and Coed Parc-y.
Dots = Welsh Ice in the middle,
Caerphilly Mountain on the left
Coed Parc-y-Van on the right.

For other dog-friendly places in Caerphilly, I recommend you head on over to Visit Caerphilly for great suggestions!

Remember you don’t have to have a dog to get out there and enjoy some headspace. These walks can be enjoyed by all. For more inspiration on places to visit for walks why not take a look at the Heritage Hiker’s Guides over on the website

Helen Harman AKA Heritage Hiker

Thanks for the excellent dog adventure tips Helen! We’ll definitely be taking your advice for our Netwalking session on the 26th August for International Dog Day 🐶

For more information about how ICE can support you, you can contact us at [email protected] or call 02920 140 040