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Welsh ICE Organises 3rd Annual Charity Gameathon to End Youth Homelessness

Some Very Sleepy Streamers

In support of youth homelessness charities, Llamau & End Youth Homelessness (EYH), Welsh ICE once again decided to band together with our community and organise an epic gameathon. As part of EYH’s Gaming for Good initiative, we aimed to raise £122 per day, with an overall goal of £610. The daily goal allows these charities to provide young people with a ‘move on’ pack containing household essentials and get them established in independent living.

As is tradition, this year’s event was week-long and saw us raise a goal-smashing £943 through various efforts, including multiple 24-hour video game streams and a 24-hour-long Dungeons and Dragons session. Altogether, the Welsh ICE Community & Team put in a combined time of 202 hours. We’re incredibly proud of our team and the enthusiastic ICE members who dedicated their time and energy towards the cause.

The Event

We put together a week of gaming to entertain the masses whilst raising money for this incredible charity, we had a great 2023 lineup:

  • Jon Plimmer – Deathloop
  • Huw Williams – Marvel’s Midnight Suns
  • Emma Easter – Vampyr
  • Patrick Valentino – The Last of Us II
  • 14 Playable Characters & 1 Dungeon Master – Dungeons & Dragons

Between all of our gaming and D&Ding, we were able to smash the target of 122 combined hours! This achievement is all thanks to the amazing commitment from our players making sure we had entertaining content going out all week and keeping the donations rolling in. This brings our overall fundraising efforts across the last 3 years to an incredible £2893, on behalf of the ICE Team, we can’t thank you all enough for sticking around during our streams, keeping us company and donating to the cause.

We’re super pumped for the next gameathon, we can’t wait to do it bigger and better than before, bring on 2024!